Main performance:
12 mono-channel input;3-band EQ for each
channel;2 main group channel output;1 Aux Send and
Monitoring;Insert point per channel ;High precision
100mm long life handspike ;16 level of digital effect
processor inside;A series equipped with 2×350W/ 2×
Technical Index:
Line Input: -40dB;Microphone Input: -60dB;Max.
Output: 8V ;S/N Ratio: -12dB;T.H.D: less than
0.01%;Frequency Response: 20Hz—30KHz;Input
EQ: HI: ±15dB/10KHz;MID: ±15dB 250Hz-
6KHz;LOW: ±15dB/60KHz

12 Channel Professional Audio Mixer


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