●Provide  16(MG24/14FX) mono input channel, it can use to connect with microphone, and also can use to connect with line level equipments. It can provide 4 line level stereo input channels.

●Built-in double digital effectors(DSP), it can be provide any inside effect for voice music and instrumental music input signal.

●Provide dual stereo output, 2 effectors output, 6 AUX output and 4 group output, amount to 14 output channels. It can use AUX and GROUP output channel to connect with the outside equipment (e.g.: effector and MTR). And it can create user-defined echo for the target loudspeaker or amplifier to carry on a stage monitor.

●All the single channels have set up INSERT I/O jack; it can be connect with outside effector independence.

●For each input channel, each AUX return channel and each 2 TRIN communication line, there have set up independence PFL switch. For the each AUX and GROUP output and main ST output, there have set up AFL switch. Using this switch, it can through connect with earphone of earphone insert to choice the monitor output and output signal.

●Dummy power can be provide DC+48V power for all XLR input insert, it can make the electric capacity microphone of dummy power and immediacy loudspeaker connect with any signal compages. Amount the 8 channels, dummy power can be open and close respectively.

●The dual returns jacks can return signals for both ST line and 4 AUX line. Those jacks also can use for assistance stereo input.
Line Channel:24CH; Channel EQ:4BAND; Main Buses:1STEREO; Group Buses:4STEREO; Frequency Response:18Hz-18KHz; Power Consumption:100W

24 Channel Professional Audio Mixer


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