Detailed product parameters and after-sales instructions.

*NOTE: This machine comes with it's own dildo and attachment.

Packing specification: the main machine one, the Yang has one, the power supply one, the speed control switch one, the warranty card one, the certificate one.
The outer packing is 38*20*26 cm.
The total weight is 2.5 kg.
After-sales service: motor, internal transmission parts, power supply speed adjustment switch failure within one year to replace the new machine, logistics damage free replacement, lifetime warranty.
Rated power: 100-240v (common in Europe, Japan, South Korea, southeast Asia, etc.)
Pumping speed: 1-5 times/second (arbitrary adjustment, depending on individual case)
Telescopic distance: 4.5-5cm (normal distance is 3-5cm)
Adjustment Angle: 0-85 degree (arbitrary adjustment according to individual situation)
Body material: stainless steel, toughened nylon, solid wood, sheepskin PU leather, crystal soft glue.
Material of the penis: medical high - bomb bionic soft glue.
Packing material: anti-collision, moisture barrier, five-layer corrugated box.

Machine Gun II


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